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Top Ten Reasons To Collect Rubber Ducks

10. They are cheaper than other collectables…like jewelry, art, cars, china, and shoes.
9. They don’t break.
8. They make bathtime so much fun.
7. They are not creepy like dolls.
6. They are low maintenance. They only need a little dusting off now and then.
5. They aren’t as obnoxious as snow globes.
4. They promote happiness. No one gets pissed off and throws a duck. Doesn’t happen.
3. What are the odds of a burglar breaking into your house and taking your stash of rubber ducks? (Not very likely).
2. Because they are like Lays Potato Chips…you can’t stop after having one.
1. Because they are for everybody at any age anywhere on the globe.

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One Response to Top Ten Reasons To Collect Rubber Ducks
  1. Allie
    July 23, 2011 | 5:18 PM

    those were ten fabulous reasons… my sister collects ducks and it's so easy to always find a cool one for her.

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