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Duckfest 2008

Duckfest was the highlight of my duckie year! It began with a short drive just outside of Seattle to Marysville. I arrived to the event to find duckies everywhere! There was even a duckie walkway! Then after meeting other rubber duck collectors, we played a few duck themed games. Pin the horn on the devil duck, duck trivia and duck decorating. There was even a large jar of filled with duckies, and the person who could guess the # of duckies in the jar got the duckies….and there were over 100 of them! The winners of those games had a duck off in the form of duck balancing. It was good squeaky fun!

There was also buying and selling of rubber ducks. Between Ride the Ducks of Seattle and Duckfest I had to leave some clothing behind to fit all the ducks in my suitcase for the ride home!

And a beautiful duckie shaped cake, duck shaped cookies, and duck “quackers” were served at Duckfest.

I had so much fun, I can hardly wait for next year’s Duckfest!


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