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Zorro Duck in the City

Duck Diego de la Vega AKA Zorro Duck goes to the city to fight crime.

After a long day of work at the diner, Tips leaves in hopes of spending the night out on the town. “I’m gonna shake my tail feather tonight at Club Quacker Jacks!”
Tips decides to walk home instead of taking the subway. “It’s just too hot down there today…they need some air condtioning down there!”
“Give us all your tips.”
“I don’t think so. I had to serve alot of cranky customers today for these tips.”
“Then we will have to take them from you!”
“Help me! Somebody help me!”
“Ah ha! Are you bothering this lovely waitress!?”
“Yep, whacha gonna do about it?”

So they “duck” it out, mano duck-a-mano duck.

“They are no match for Zorro Duck!”
“Oh, Zorro Duck! You are my hero!”
“All in a day’s work, Tips!”
Zorro gets a kiss from Tips and is on his way to fight more crime in the city.

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